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Cover of "Thank You (Gift Books)"

Cover of Thank You (Gift Books)


~by Sandra Doolittle

My desire is to be more thankful to my Savior for all He is to me and for everything he does for me in my life and all around me.   Thus, my list of His blessings begins here.   My prayer is for your heart to be touched, as mine, to notice more of God’s blessings upon blessings upon blessings in your life.   I wrote this poem of my heart, for “The Lord is great and greatly to be praised”! (      )        


Do you remember the story in the Bible of Jesus’
healing of the ten lepers? Men so sick and eaten with disease that they were
sent to live in a leper colony, forever away from their family and the only way
of life they had ever known?…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not like
Those nine lepers in God’s Word.
Healed by God, made whole by Him,
Yet Jesus they never told.

Never said “Thank You for changing my life
From darkness and hopeless despair
Into something I’d never dared to dream-
Full of beauty, less heartace and cares.

You’ve given me back my family, Lord,
My home, my health, my life;
Another chance you’ve lovingly given me
To be thankful, and to do what’s right”.

So, I’d like to try my hand at this
and with you our blessings share
For it’s that tenth leper I want to be,
The one who really cared.

He cared to know that it was Christ;
That to Him he owed his thanks.
He cared enough to turn back around
And express to God these things!

Lord, help me to notice each sunset you bring,
Each “I love you” or hug from my child,
Each surprise, each song, each friendship,

Each whisper to me of Your love.

  • Leaves rustling
  • Blackberry cobbler
  • Swimming pool
  • Grace Bible Church
  • Worship music
  • Radio in my kitchen
  • My daughter who is my friend
  • Good books
  • Dramatized audio books
  • Watching Amber french-braid her hair!
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Trombone
  • A God Who is interested in our lives
  • Red toenail polish!

Countless Blessings

    • A beautiful sunset through my window
    • My precious family
    • I am a daughter of the King of Kings!
    • My friend Amy, who inspires my thankfulness
    • Her children’s funny antics 😀
    • Family in U.S.
    • Family in Brazil
    • Peter and family coming here from Brazil
    • Our health
    • Our church
    • Godly parents, who taught me about Christ
    • That my parents took me to church
    • That God saved me
    • That He loves me
    • That He forgave my sins
    • That He forgives me when I sin
    • Amber’s photographs!
    • Caleb’s smile and laughter!
    • Caleb’s C.A.P. encouragers
    • Roger’s job
    • Roger’s new job prospect
    • Prayer warriors
    • Roger’s love for me
    • All of my friends……………………………….For these blessings and for so much more, I thank you, God.