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Strawberry-Basil Popsicle

Image by rdpeyton via Flickr



  • Our daughter did well in surgery- Tonsilectomy
  • A skilled and kind Dr. who did it,  Dr.Fowler
  • The sweetness of the people at the hospital
  • Popsicles
  • Slushies
  • Jello
  • Ice packs
  • Kind and thoughtful nurses
  • Caleb picked out Amber some cozy, colorful socks at the hospital gift shop!
  • Caleb’s thoughtfulness to his sister’s surgery
  • My parents went with us today, and they watched Caleb.
  • My brother and his sweet wife coming over for visit and gift to Amber
  • My brother and his family
  • An orange sunset
  • Watching shooting stars with family on porch landing 2 nights ago   
  • Everyone who prays for us and cares for us
  • Phone calls, notes, and cards from loved ones
  • Our pastor, Family/Youth Pastor, and Associate pastor
  • Homeschool and our new books/materials
  • Kelly and Philip get to be reunited with their family in Brazil tomorrow.
  • Our Father’s Loving Care 
  • How God comforts us in our hearts and through His Word and prayer    
  • The devotional “Why Pray?” our family is reading
  • The privilege of praying for our neighbors
  • The excitement of seeing what God’s gonna do in all our neighbor’s lives
  • Karen, Beth, Dawn, Amy, Pam, Stephanie, Helen, and Ruth-Our homeschool group moms
  • My husband taking off work today
  • My loving husband…………………………….UNENDING BLESSINGS!

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Blue skies with puffy white clouds

“Sun dogs”

Answered prayers today

God’s special loving care

My mom and dad coming over last night

Their strong love for me and for my family

Their faithful prayers always for us

Their wonderful hugs!


Getting to talk to Kelly

Growing closer to my family

Watching a funny movie together, cuddled in blankets

Peter and Zirlene, Stanley and Kevin staying here with us

Sweet fellowship

Understanding friends

Prayer partners

Aunt Patsy and Uncle Winifred

Wonderful churches all around us

The healing and comfort found in God’s Word

The Bible is alive and sharp and powerful!

Jesus cares– He truly cares

Reading other people’s “Blessings Lists”

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Beulah going to Hendon Baptist’s “Homecoming”

Tristan’s super-hero costume and photos

Scratching Caleb’s back

Loving Amber and Caleb

Loving my sweet husband, Roger

Laughing and “cutting up” with loved ones

That we CAN do all things through Christ Who strengthens us

Courage we didn’t know we had

God is always “there” for us!………………………………………………UNENDING BLESSINGS!

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Buttercup Farm

Image by Clearly Ambiguous via Flickr

Okay, as our Blog Title suggests, not only are we AMAZINGLY BLESSED, but we actually do live on a beautiful mountain too!  Including our neighbor-friends you might say we live on quite a large “farm”.  For our pretty white house with the spacious wrapping porch, sits in view of cows, goats, horses, and sometimes a stinky cute pig or two!  But there are 5 wee animals that we love most of all these wondrous creations of God…







  1. “MUFFIN”, our lovey-dovey doggie and gentle protector
  2. “MOLLIE”, her shorter sister who loves to jump into the pond for a good swim (Hence, her nickname “Pollywog Mollydog”!
  3.  “CLARABELLE”, our fluffly little black cat- “queen of queens”..or so she thinks!
  5. “FORSYTHIA”–These last two were little orphan sisters, who just needed a home and lots of family love!  They have come a long way in the “Health and Beauty” department!!!  The names we chose are of  pretty flowers, to help make up for their lack of much beauty at the time we first “adopted” them.  Now, they live up to those lovely flowery names in so many ways!


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Looky thar! It's them two agin!

My daddy’s birthday
Being with my family
Loving Roger James
Caleb’s first CAP Encampment
Caleb’s Crafty Leaf-Covered BDU’s
Amber’s beautiful piano music
Having company come and stay a few nights
Fresh sheets
Fluffy, clean towels
Bare footing on cool floors
Iced tea on a hot day
Air conditioning
Heater, when needed
Fluffy pillow
Amy gave me flowers
Planted flowers…so pretty
A clean house
Roger loves me
Playing board games
Kelly and Philip arrived safely and together
Lord’s provision and care of us
His mercy-New every morning
Caleb’s beautiful writing about God with us
Seeing my kids grow in Christ
Chad and Impact at church
The sweet, sweet Scriptures-God’s Word, alive!
Moon peeking around cloud
Ceiling fans at night
“White noise” fan at night
Good and kind Dr.s
Fridge and pantry fully stocked
Wearing same size shoes as my daughter-Fun trading!
Joshua, my nephew’s, surgery went well.
God’s healing from Daddy’s snake bite
Sweet and fun and funny parents!
My precious brother, Tim
Two WONDERFUL children!
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…………UNENDING BLESSINGS!

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Howdy thar, Pardners! Ain't I seen yew two roun these here parts bafore?Today I am thankful for:My kidsMy precious hubbyThe beautiful sunshineFriends and family visitingGetting to visit friends and familyDressesDress-Up ClothesGod's WordThe Book of JobGroovy music my kids play for me online!Amber on pianoCaleb on guitarGuitar lessonsAaron AcademyFlowers and Trees...................................................Unending BlessingsIT'S A NEW DAY, AND TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR:Our nephew Stanley is here!Roger getting to see his brother from BrazilSeeing Zirlene and KevinVisiting our neices at collegeSeeing Dad and RuthMy precious mom and dadMy brother and his familyAll our family!Hot sunny weatherRaindropsNew groceries to put awayOur three sweet catsHollie, Faith, and JoshuaOur Pastor, DougOur new Associate Pastor and his family from Liverpool, EnglandTheir daughters and son are our kids' new friends!My homeschool groupHomeschooling my blessings, Amber and CalebGood books to readHealing power of GodComputersGood DVD'sThe new Bob Jones University movieGoing to bed when we are all sleepy...........................Unending blessings! ANOTHER NEW DAY, AUG.9, AND TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR:My sweet friendsMy mom, so precious to me!My dad, so precious to me!Kara's surgery went wellPhilip and Kelly got to be on same plane from BrazilMy nephew, Joshua, doing well after shoulder surgeryLightning in big, story clouds in the eveningFellowshipGod's neverending love for meHis forgiveness, though so undeservingHis perfect timingThe most wonderful, loving husbandBrenda, my sister-in-law and sweet girlfriendPillow fightsGiggles and laughterThe dimple in my daughter's pretty cheekFriends who inspire me to be betterMy daddy's birthday AND my special friend's birthdays are both tomorrow!!! (Sweet day, Lord!)Ambassador Bible College and our neices and nephew thereAlyssa's birthday todayA 2nd guitar lesson for Caleb went well! Doctors who know and careAnswers to our heart's prayersGod, I love you so much!..................................Unending Blessings!Hey! Thar yew two are agin!

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Where the Brook and River Meet: Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum.   

Where the Brook and River Meet is a beautiful one-year Unit Study by the author of The Prairie Primer.  Many have used or at least heard about Prairie Primer, but have you checked out this HIGH SCHOOL curriculum on Margie Gray’s “Cadron Creek” website?  It is a literature-based, Victorian era study that earns a student 5 HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS.

Branching off from the book “Anne of Green Gables”, this one-year unit study plunges you into literature (popular classics we all want our children to read), World History, Geography, P.E., Fine Arts, Occupational Education, Bible, and more…and all in Anne’s wonderful Prince Edward Island, Canada, setting!   But Green Gables is just one of the many places you will “visit” this year, for just as students of the Victorian era learned much about the Greeks, Romans, people of the Middle Ages…so will you.  Enjoy a real Medieval Feast.  Be plopped into the magical world of Alice’s Wonderland  and then Charles Dicken’s       as you study authors from Post-Civil War into the beginning of the 20th century.  Dance the “Virginia Reel”, a more genteel version than the barn dance style, to lovely classical music-guitar, flute, violin.  And why not don historical costumes made or put together from Goodwill as you do!  


Simply add a math, lab science, and a foreign language (Latin possibly, in keeping with the theme?), and your High Schoolers will earn 8 full credits.  WE LOVE “WHERE THE BROOK AND RIVER MEET”!









Earn 5 High School Credits With This Unit Study Alone! Add a Math, Lab Science, and Foreign Language, for a Full 8 Credits!


     We love using Sonlight!  Just open their signature big blue binder, locate the day and begin reading and checking off boxes.  They’re wonderful at integrating the Literature books with whatever Historical era you are studying.  The books are carefully chosen and lists are updated regularly.What Sonlight calls the “core” curriculum consists of History, Bible, and Literature (lots of the best classics!).  You can also order Language Arts, Science, and one of a few maths from the company.  And their microscope is voted one of the absolute best for the price.  We like ours and it’s user friendly, but definitely equal to competitor’s models for high school level lab sciences, or for your younger ones.    ESPECIALLY if you have a real “reader” on your hands, check out Sonlights’ website…AND IF NOTHING ELSE, REQUEST THEIR CATALOG.  IT IS A REAL TREAT IN AND OF ITSELF!!!  God bless you as you homeschool YOUR blessings!
Get the first three weeks of any Sonlight Curriculum homeschool Instructor's Guide free.Have questions about using Sonlight's homeschool curriculum with your family?Request your copy of Sonlight's homeschool curriculum Catalog now.








I’ll be sharing more curriculam as we go along, so check back!

God bless you as you homeschool your blessings…


Our swimming pool

Getting to babysit

Our kids who help out so much!

Dating my husband!

Warm cozy beds

Air conditioning


Neighbors who watch out for one another


My mom and dad

My kids have grandparents nearby.

Caleb’s homemade ice creams

A freshly organized pantry

Health and strength

Photos of our neices and nephews on facebook and blogs


God’s Word

Our Pastor

Diet Mtn. Dew

Amber’s beautiful photos of our pets

Our pets

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NEWS HEADLINES: "High School Homeschool Mom Oversees Chemistry Experiments, and Lives to Tell About It"

Caleb’s Funny Quote: “The cat is making me sleepy, because it is warm and fuzzy”. LOL
Done! Results: Zinc most reactive- to both other nitrates/ Lead 2nd- to copper nitrate/ Copper least/ Copper WAS “reduced” by Zinc Nitrate…Success! 🙂
Dropping Liquid Cu-,Pb-,& Zn-Nitrates into Wells Containing Solid Cu,Pb,& Zn…Will they react?

Studying Notes

Brain-Eater Starving to Death!
Amber in 11th Grade Chemistry
Warning! Mad Scientist’s Accomplice

This is a mess!
Mad Scientist on the Loose!
Adding Lead Nitrate
Adding Copper Nitrate
Mom’s I.D. Tag: “Dr. Imogene Yustek” (Get it?)
Amber’s I.D. tag: “Dr. Lynn Gweeny”


I think not; but begging your pardon if you are…and maybe you should call me? 🙂




(Note of clarification.  I did my best to avoid Chemistry, Physics, and pretty much all Sciences in general in High School and College- and did a pretty good job of it… 

Now, I am paying the consequences.)


Well anyway, we do the best we can, Amber, Caleb and I, and I must say we are learning a lot!  Who knew how complicated God made this world!  And here is a review of our day.  We kinda got into the whole “laboratory setting” thing :), as our family has always enjoyed costumes and props.  (Especially in historical plays and movies!)


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